Meeting Minutes: Health Care Committee – April 13, 2017

Attendees: Steve Berque, Chuck Bensonhaver, Barbara Burgess, Leigh Cobb, Jerry Cohen, Kevin Dunn,  Inger Fyfe, Judy Gimson, Elise Hederer, Isabel Kottak

We introduced ourselves and our backgrounds that resulted in our interest in healthcare; we are physicians and nurses and lawyers working on healthcare benefits and lobbyist for insurance companies working on healthcare and member of organization developing policy for children healthcare and concerned citizens.

Leigh reviewed the current House proposals and provided many references to specific concerns. She offered names of several websites for additional information. Families USA is particularly helpful with current information about healthcare.

There were several members who stressed the need for universal health coverage as the US is one of the only developed economies which doesn’t provide this. There were several people who didn’t think this was achievable in the near future.

Action Plan
Continued pressure on Sanford since he appears to care what constituents want
Work at the state level for expansion of Medicaid
Encourage media investigative reporting on SC failing hospitals, physician and medical offices and also morbidity and mortality of lack of health coverage

Talking points for SIAN members
Mary will contact the late Senator Pinckney’s group about information collected on SC’s uninsured and medically fragile citizens

Next meeting MAY 3 at 4pm

SIAN Contact: Inger Fyfe
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