Meeting Minutes: Human Rights Committee – April 26, 2017

Attending: Marg Wildermann, Co-Chair; Marsha Papanek, Co-Chair; Susan Coomer; Melissa Morgan

The Committee discussed the broad scope of Human Rights, including, specifically:

  1. Women’s Rights—domestic violence, sex trafficking, sex crimes and harassment, workplace rights and government funding for all (Reproductive Issues and Healthcare were omitted, per se, because they are covered in other SIAN committees)
  2. Discrimination—race, religion, national origin, refugee status, gender, sexual preference; and police violence, affordable housing, access to equal public education (Immigration issues, per se, were omitted because they are covered in another SIAN committee)
  3. Workers’ Rights
  4. Native Americans—lands and livelihoods under attack

We decided to limit our focus to the following issues, in regard to state and federal rules, orders and legislation:

  1.  Domestic Violence, Sex Crimes and Sex Trafficking (Marsha and Susan agreed to follow and make recommendations)
  2. Workplace Discrimination and Harassment with respect to all affected (Marg and Melissa agreed to follow and make recommendations)

Next meeting to be determined. Respectfully submitted, Marsha Papanek

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