Meeting Minutes: Economy Committee – May 15, 2017

In attendance:     Geof Woglom, Mary Fleck,  Regina Cariello ,Skip Crane, John Turner

The meeting focused on discussing our role going forward.

  1. There was a general consensus that our role includes educating the community about economic policy issues.  We discussed the ideas of holding panel discussions or group events with outside speakers (e.g., inviting Mark Sanford to discuss long-term fiscal challenges) to be held in the fall or winter.
  2. In the meantime, we would focus on pending legislation and compose action alerts when Congressional votes are scheduled.  The group seemed to divide into two groups of interests:  Skip, John and Melissa (?) on tax and budget issues;  Geof and Regina on finance and financial regulation.  While these sub groups work on issues, we hope they will share with the whole group their activities and that anyone can participate in any issue of interest.

There was consensus to going ahead with a more focused action alert on the Financial Choice Act urging SIAN members to sign the Consumer Reports petition opposing the Act.  Mary offered to write up the SIAN form and send out the Action Alert.

FYI:  The Indivisible web site does have resources explaining policy issues; e.g.,, which we probably should use where appropriate.

Submitted by Mary Fleck, Co-Chair SIAN Economy Committee

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