Meeting Minutes: Voting Rights Committee – April 9, 2017

Attending: Ava Kleinman, Robin Girardi, Margaret Chiara, Donna Lawrence, James Lawrence, Shirley Hanson-Smith, Dennis Smith, Ray Keegan, Pat Quigley, Ruthie Frits, John Reynolds

The Mission Statement for the Voting Rights Committee will be reworded to project a more positive and proactive stance.

The similarity and contrasts between the League of Women Voters and the American Civil Liberties was discussed.

The committee will look into other organizations on Seabrook, Kiawah and John’s Island to see if there are groups who share the same agenda as us. We need guidelines on how to approach these groups.

The Gullah Festival will be held at Freshfields on May 6. Robin submitted a request to set up a voting rights table at the Festival. She is waiting for a reply from the organizers.

Some committee members may have contacts throughout the larger John’s Island community and will speak with them.

The committee will look into how to share information with people who are confused as how to register to vote. On the other hand we need to dispel the misinformation that accompanies voter registration.

Ava stated that the Steering Committee will be compiling a database with contacts and also will be tracking legislation that will be important to SIAN.

There is an Indivisible Charleston meeting on April 20 at 5:30 at EarthFare. All are welcome to attend.

Next Meeting
Sunday April 23
3:00 pm
Lake House

SIAN Contact: Ava Kleinman, Robin Girardi
SIAN email:

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