Action Alert: Question the Senate Health Care Bill

Call to Action: Question the Senate Health Care Bill.


Senator McConnell has been meeting weekly with the all-male Senate committee on health care behind closed doors. There have been suggestions that the Senate bill will be consistent with 80% of the House American Health Care Act (ACHA), which would deprive 14 million people of health insurance by 2020 and 23 million people by 2026. It would still allow states to waive requirements for coverage of pre-existing medical conditions and for basic medical care.

Health care for women would be majorly impacted, eliminating free contraceptive and maternity coverage and defunding Planned Parenthood, which is a significant provider of women’s healthcare, including mammograms.

The AHCA caps and cuts the Medicaid program and eliminates the Medicaid expansion. These changes would hit the most vulnerable people in America hardest: 14 million people would lose vital Medicaid coverage, including millions of children, veterans, the disabled, and the elderly.

The Republican agenda is to finalize their proposal for a vote in June with no provisions for public discussion.


Please contact Senators Graham and Scott in their local offices this week during their recess and early next week in their Washington offices.

  • Ask that they allow public comment and that they wait until the completion of the Congressional Budget Office assessment so we all know what is in the bill prior to its vote.
  • Ask that they repair the Affordable Care Act (ACA – Obamacare) rather than discard it entirely.
  • Note that we need increased stability of the insurance marketplace in adjusting the government assistance to the insurance companies by covering the most ill individuals. Trump himself has offered additional funds.
  • Note that we need improved affordability, which could be achieved by giving the tax credits to people based on age and financial need rather than across the board.

Senator Lindsey Graham:
Mt Pleasant Office:(843) 849-3887
Washington Office:(202) 224-5972

Senator Tim Scott:
North Charleston Office:(843) 727-4525
Washington Office: (202) 224-6121, Toll Free: (855)425-6324


Here are links to additional information about the new proposal: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, Report May 24.  “New CBO Estimate: 23 Million More Uninsured Under House Passed Health Bill.” blog May 31. “The Devastating Cut to the Entire Medicaid Program Hidden within Obama Repeal.”

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