Action Alert: Stop #TrumpCare Senate Call-in Day – June 14

This is a very important and time-sensitive alert. Thank you for taking action.

Action Alert: Wednesday, June 14, is Stop #TrumpCare Senate Call-In Day to halt the Republican Healthcare bill, also known as TrumpCare or AHCA.

Issue: The AHCA or TrumpCare will have a devastating effect on Americans.

Action: Please call or visit Senators Scott and Graham to tell them that you do not support TrumpCare and urge them to reject any bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act. When you call, ask to speak to the legislative assistant that handles the healthcare issue.

In Senator Tim Scott’s office the contacts are:

-Claire Brandewei, Legislative Assistant

-Will Holloway, Deputy Legislative Assistant

In Senator Lindsey Graham’s office the contact is:

-William Flatt, Legislative Aide


TrumpCare will strip coverage from at least 23 million people and cut Medicaid by $800 billion in order to give hundreds of billions of dollars to the wealthy and to corporations. It would undermine critical protections for people with pre-existing conditions, defund Planned Parenthood which supplies medical coverage to millions of women, and raise the premiums for families.

According to Indivisible, the effect on South Carolina for 2018 is projected:

Average premium increase: $970
Total health insurance coverage losses: $463,200
Medicaid losses $42,600
Individual market coverage losses $289,500

Important points:

  • The insurance market had been more stable last year until all of the uncertainty about the new healthcare bill.
  • People with pre-existing conditions are not protected under TrumpCare because states can opt out of the provisions to cover them.
  • High risk pools have been tried, including in SC, and don’t work.
  • Premiums will be reduced for some people but with less coverage and without coverage for the ill.
  • Premiums will be more expensive for women and for those between the ages of 50 and 64.

To read more about this issue and for talking points, please visit the Indivisible Charleston web site by clicking on this link: Stop Trump Care
They provide a sample script you might use.

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