Meeting Minutes: Immigration Committee – June 21, 2017

Attendees: Monique Bossier-Sporn. Diana Cohen, Greg Bolte, Heidi Lantin, Margaret Chiara and Co-Chair Steve Montagu-Pollock

1. The Committee – Leadership – Communication (bcc) – Input – Call To Action
2. How We Operate – Resist Trump Agenda – Grass Roots SC elected representatives FIRST – Follow Indivisible Concept – Pressuring Elected Officials outside SC ineffective
3. Issues for Discussion:

  • Ban on Muslim travel from predominantly muslim countries
  • The Wall – Dreamers
  • Sanctuary cities
  • Indiscriminate roundup of suspected illegal immigrants and the use of local police to do so
  • Threat to long-term residents on green cards

– The next meeting of the committee will be in September due to the number of residents away for the summer.
– It is agreed that an additional co-chair for the committee is needed and a volunteer is asked to assume this position.
– Steve pointed out that while committee members will know the members of the committee and their email addresses, all communication within the committee will be addressed to the sender with all members bcc’d. This is to protect the privacy of the committee in the event a communication is forwarded to someone outside SIAN.
– All members are encouraged to contribute any information of interest.
– Calls to Action will be generated by the committee and forwarded to the Steering Committee for email distribution. It was brought up by Margaret but was unanimously agreed the talking points must be short. The entire call should be no more than 30 seconds.
– There was lengthy discussion of all the issues on the Agenda plus the relationship of Voting Rights and the Immigrant Community. Margaret brought up the concern the Voting Rights committee had regarding Immigrants and our committee. We all agreed we are in this together and there is no conflict between the committees. Diana brought information about the Federal “Muslim Travel Ban” court case in the Hawaiian court system and it was agreed it will have to be watched. Finally on issues, we decided committee members should volunteer to take on a particular issue and keep the committee informed of developments. It is planned that there will be more than one volunteer for each issue. Steve will email a request and explanation the members.

Margaret and Steve will explore if there is an attorney in the community with some Immigration Law experience.

Meeting closed at 5:15 pm.

SIAN Contact: Steve Pollock
SIAN email:


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