Acton Alert: Tell Senator Campsen to Vote NO on the Personhood Act of South Carolina


Next Tuesday, January 30, the South Carolina Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a public hearing on S. 217, the Personhood Act of SC. This dangerous legislation seeks to establish full legal rights — including due process and equal protection — for eggs from the moment of fertilization. In that framework, the bill would have consequences that are significant and far-reaching.

According to the SC Women’s Rights and Empowerment Network, the implications are dire:

  • By redefining “person” in state law to include fertilized eggs, this bill could interfere with personal, private medical decisions about birth control, access to fertility treatment, management of miscarriage, and access to safe and legal abortion.
  • The bill would create a legal dilemma for any doctor who needed to provide medical care to a pregnant woman if that care might endanger an ongoing pregnancy.
  • Personhood could also subject a woman who suffers pregnancy-related complications or miscarriage to extensive criminal investigation and jail time or potential charges of reckless endangerment or homicide.
  • This type of legislation is so broad, it would outlaw emergency contraception, hormonal birth control pills and other methods of birth control that prevent a fertilized egg from being implanted in the uterus.
  • The bill would impact thousands of laws unrelated to abortion, leading to unforeseeable and unintended consequences.


Contact Senator Chip Campsen today: and tell him to vote no on this dangerous legislation. Senator Campsen is a member of the Judiciary Committee and our state senator.

George E. “Chip” Campsen, III
305 Gressette Bldg, Columbia, SC 29201

Show up at the hearing:

Tuesday, January 30, at 11 a.m.
South Carolina Legislature
Gressette Building, Room 105
Columbia, SC

For more information:

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