Thank you. Together we made a difference.

SIAN would like to thank our membership for your interest and participation over the past two years. We are all grateful to have found others who share common interests and goals. There is strength in numbers and we have proven that!

Since our inception, SIAN’s work has included identifying and investigating policy and legislation to support or oppose, making phone calls and writing emails to our elected representatives and government agencies, marching and demonstrating for the many issues that affect our lives and the lives of our families, conducting voter registration, identifying candidates with likeminded values, and then campaigning for those candidates and getting out the vote. SIAN makes a difference and you are an important part of making that difference.

The election of Joe Cunningham to the U.S. House of Representatives is a wonderful victory for the Lowcountry, for South Carolina, and for all Americans who are fighting to restore decency, honesty, and the rule of law to government. Thank you to all SIAN members for your enthusiastic support and a special thanks to those who volunteered their time to help Joe’s campaign. Joe and his staff greatly appreciate all your hard work.

Get ready for 2020. We’re just getting started!

SIAN Steering Committee

Leigh Cobb
Mary Fleck
Derek Fyfe
Inger Fyfe
Phyllis Harper
Ava Kleinman
Steve Kleinman
Pam Madaio
Marsha Papanek
Barbara Pollock
Steve Pollock
Jim Sporn
Dick Wildermann
Marg Wildermann, Chairwoman

SIAN Contact: Marg Wildermann
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