Urgent: Personhood Bill would virtually ban abortion in South Carolina.

On Tuesday morning April 2, 2019, the personhood bill H3020 will be reviewed in Constitutional Law committee.

H.3020 is intended to ban abortion as early as six weeks, regardless of women’s needs and circumstances, and before many women even know they are pregnant. Passing such a ban in South Carolina poses a serious threat to women’s health, freedom, and dignity.

Action: It’s time to bombard Peter McCoy, Weston Newton (subcommittee chair) and Jay Lucas with phone calls now through April 2.

Rep. Weston Newton, Bluffton, Chair of the Judiciary Subcommittee hearing this bill:
State House office: 803-212-6810
Home office: 843-706-6111
Home: 843-706-3880

Rep. Peter McCoy, Charleston, Chair of the House Judiciary Committee:
State House office: 803-734-3120
Home office: 843-628-2855
Home: 843-452-4722

Rep. Jay Lucas, Darlington, Speaker of the House (pushing this bill to get to the floor):
State House office: 803-734-3125
Home office: 843-332-5050
Home: 843-383-9421

Sample Message:
What to say: “Hi, I’m Mary Smith from South Carolina. I’m calling to urge you to vote no on H. 3020 which is unconstitutional. It bans abortions as early as six weeks, before most women even realize they’re pregnant, and long before viability. This harmful legislation hurts women and takes decisions away from women, their doctors, and their families. This is not good for South Carolina. This is not what we need our elected officials to spend their time on.”

SIAN Email: seaislandsactionnetwork@gmail.com

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