Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Climate Change

There are seventeen long months before the 2020 election. For many of us, it’s too early to focus on the campaigns.

However, with twenty-three Democrats currently in the race for the presidency, the field could start to thin out soon. Some of you who expect to vote Democratic may want to identify a particular candidate to support early on, hoping that she or he survives the early rounds. If so you may be looking for information about where particular candidates stand on various issues. One issue most candidates are finally serious about is climate change.

The Washington Post issued the results of an online survey in early June that conveniently summarizes where the twenty-three Democratic presidential candidates stand on climate change. The Post asked each candidate nine pertinent questions and then displayed the results in an easy-to-follow format. The answers on the website are routinely updated as new information on the candidates’ positions is made available.

To look at the Washington Post’s survey, click here:

Property owners responding to the 2018 SIPOA survey said that flooding is the most pressing issue facing Seabrook Island. Climate change is the cause of increased flooding, and it threatens the entire planet. Electing officials at all levels of government who see climate change as a top priority is essential if we are to manage the problem.

SIAN contact: Dick Wildermann

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