Committees/Issue Groups

Committee/ Chairs Mission/Goals
Economy:  Mary Fleck, Geof Woglom  Coming soon
Education: Mary Fleck  Coming soon
Environment:  Dick Wildermann, Sue Woglom  Coming soon
Ethics in Government: Bruce Kleinman, Bill Cariello  Coming soon
First Amendment:  Coming soon
Foreign Policy/Russia: Jim Sporn  Coming soon
Gun Control: Barbara Pollock  Coming soon
Health Care/ACA: Inger Fyfe, Steve Berque, Leigh Cobb  Coming soon
Human Rights: Marg Wildermann, Marsha Papanek  Coming soon
Immigration: Steve Pollock  Coming soon
Voting Rights: Ava Kleinman, Robin Girardi Voting in federal, state and local elections is a fundamental right and duty of citizenship. The Sea Island Action Network (SIAN) will act to protect the right to vote when endangered by district gerrymandering and initiatives intended to suppress voting. SIAN will assists registered voters to exercise their right to vote and will recruit potential voters, particularly underrepresented populations, to participate in the 2018 elections.
Women’s Reproductive Rights: Pam Madaio, Alison Bowers  Coming soon