Action Alert: Another Reason to Oppose Graham-Cassidy – It Continues to Undermine Women’s Health Coverage


  1. As with previous ACA repeal bills, Cassidy-Graham essentially bans Planned Parenthood from getting Medicaid reimbursements for one year.
    • Planned Parenthood clinics use Medicaid dollars for a variety of healthcare services including cancer screenings and birth control. Medicaid dollars already can’t be spent on abortions (except as allowed by the Hyde Amendment, i.e., in cases of rape, incest or if the woman’s life is at stake), but conservatives don’t want this women’s health organization to get any taxpayer dollars, period, as long as they continue to provide the procedure.
  2. The bill lets states opt to allow carriers to base premiums on a person’s medical history and to sell skimpier policies that don’t cover essential health benefits, including maternity and contraception coverage.
    • This would apply not only to the individual market, but also to those who get coverage from small business employers. Also, insurers would be able to cap the amount they would pay for treatment outside of what their states deem an essential health benefit.
  3. One way or another this bill will disallow any federally subsidized plans from covering elective abortion, either now or later.
    • Even if the Senate Parliamentarian nixes the Hyde amendment provision from Cassidy-Graham,  starting in 2026 all subsidies will be funneled through CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program), which already includes Hyde Amendment restrictions. Thus abortion restrictions will be achieved no matter what if the bill is passed in current form.

Contact Senators Graham and Scott AGAIN and voice your opposition to Graham-Cassidy because it is bad for everyone, especially women.

Senator Lindsey Graham:
email (website):
Washington, DC office:  202-224-5972
Mt. Pleasant office:  843-849-3887

Senator Tim Scott:
email (website)
Washington, DC office: 202-224-6162, Toll Free: 855-425-6324
North Charleston office: 843-727-4525

When calling or leaving messages please identify yourself as a member of SIAN. On voicemail be sure to leave your full name and address to ensure your call is logged.

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