Gun Control Action Alert: thoughts and prayers are not enough

Issue: Following the terrible mass shooting in Las Vegas, it is time to contact our Members of Congress(MOC) to tell them to pass basic legislation in support of background checks and bans on the most dangerous kinds of weapons and ammunition. Diane Feinstein has introduced legislation that would ban ‘bump stocks’. Lindsey Graham has indicated that he would be open to considering such legislation. Please take time to contact him as well as Tim Scott and Mark Sanford to urge them to support this legislation, as well as other gun safety measures.

Action: Contact our MOCs and tell them we’ve had enough of mass shootings and other gun violence. It’s time to enact legislation now. Bans on ‘bump stocks’ are a start, but more comprehensive gun legislation is needed.

Suggested Talking Points:

  • I’m a constituent from [location] calling regarding the mass shooting in Las Vegas. I urge you to not just condemn this act of terror, but to support responsible policies that help prevent these acts of gun violence.
  • I not only urge [name of MOC] to support a ban on ‘bump stocks’ but also to expand background checks for gun purchases and tighten restrictions on semi-automatic weapons.
  • I also ask [name of MOC] to vote against any attempts to gut the current legislation that restricts the sale of gun silencers, when/if this legislation comes up for consideration. Silencers distort the sound of gunfire, making it harder for victims to flee and first responders to intervene. In the wake of the tragedy in Vegas, it is essential for Congress to maintain this protection.

Senator Graham Contact Info:
Email (website):
DC Phone: (202) 224-5972
DC Fax: (202) 224-3808
Lowcountry Phone: (843) 849-3887
Lowcountry Fax: (843) 971-3669

Senator Scott Contact Info:
email (website):
DC Phone: (202) 224-6121, Toll Free: (855) 425-6324
DC Fax: (202) 228-5143
Lowcountry Phone: (843) 727-4525
Lowcountry Fax: (855) 802-9355

Representative Mark Sanford
email (website):
Phone: (202) 225-3176
Lowcountry Phone: (843) 352-7572
Lowcountry Fax: (843) 352-7620

For More Information:
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SIAN Contact Name: Barbara Pollock
SIAN Contact Email:

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