Action Alert: 20-week abortion ban is another nail in the coffin of Roe v. Wade

Issue: After passage of a similar bill in the House, Lindsey Graham has introduced a 20-week abortion ban in the Senate. Trump has said he will sign such a bill. According to medical professionals, the premise upon which these bills are based is not supported by reliable evidence or respected medical research

No matter your thoughts about a 20-week ban per se, the real impetus behind this effort is to further undermine a woman’s right to choose. Don’t be fooled. The Goal of 20-week ban is to stop abortion – period.

Action: Contact Senator Graham and tell him you see the misinformation used to support this bill for what it is, a blatant effort to continue to undermine a woman’s right to choose.

Other Suggested Talking Points:

  • A ban on abortion after 20 weeks will disproportionately hurt those facing some of the most complex situations imaginable. People seek this care later in pregnancy for a variety of reasons, including medical problems, difficulty accessing services, and the fear that comes with rape, incest, and abuse.
  • Healthcare decisions should be up to a woman and her doctor and based on reality and evidence-based research. Medical evidence does not support the rationale for this bill.
  • Abortions performed later in pregnancy are rare and represent only 1.5 percent of total abortion procedures in this country—a tiny portion. Taking away those options when they are most needed is the wrong thing to do.

Senator Graham Contact Info:
Email (website): 
DC Phone: (202) 224-5972
DC Fax: (202) 224-3808
Lowcountry Phone: (843) 849-3887
Lowcountry Fax: (843) 971-3669

For More Information:
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