News You Can Use: Tech makes it easy to contact your representatives

Are you frustrated that Members of Congress (MOCs) are refusing to hold town halls, not answering their phones, and letting voice mailboxes fill up? Do you want to make sure your Members of Congress consider your views? Try these easy to use and FAST ways to get through to legislators.

Herd on the Hill  and Stampslicked  work hand in hand so you can easily compose and get your messages to congress.  Go to either site to get started. You’ll find information about trending topics and help composing your message.  You can add their stock photos or upload your own.  Once complete,  volunteers will take your message in person to the DC offices of your elected officials.  Use this easy service to send written messages, or if you prefer, for help getting through by phone. Forms on the site let you enter and review your message in no time. You even get a confirmation with a visual of the completed message.

Follow @HerdOnHill on Twitter for updates on their timely actions like this:

@HerdOnHill will be hand-delivering letters to Congress again Wed, 3/14, exactly 1 mo. since the FL school shooting. @HerdOnHill hopes to deliver a huge stack of letters on gun violence.

Resistbot: Don’t let the name scare you – this is a useful and friendly “bot” not the kind that spreads “fake news”. Resistbot easily lets you compose and send a fax to your representatives right from your cell phone. Just enter 50409 in the “To” field of your phone messaging app. Then type “RESIST” where you would normally type the message.  The service will reply with this …


… and walk you through selecting your representatives, composing your message and delivering it in under 2 minutes. Enter one message and it goes to both senators at once! No downloads or apps required. You will even get a confirmation when the faxes are delivered.

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