Get Ready for the Mid-Terms – Learn About Our Candidates and Spread the Word

The mid-terms are just around the corner. Help us spread the word about SIAN supported candidates who will work hard to address non-partisan issues that directly impact our area, including off-shore drilling, tariffs that have already begun to negatively impact the local economy, and the quality of local education. We’re asking every SIAN member to reach out to at least one other voter who might not be considering these candidates. Share your enthusiasm, and encourage them to vote.

If you missed our recent meeting where we introduced our candidates for US House, Governor andĀ  South Carolina House, you can view the slideshow from the eventĀ here:

Or visit the candidate’s websites for more information:

Joe Cunningham, Candidate for US House of Representatives

James Smith, Candidate for Governor of South Carolina

Carole Tempel, Candidate for South Carolina House of Representatives


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