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Action Alert: Senate Republicans Release Healthcare Bill – June 22, 2017

Issue: Senator McConnell has finally released the new Senate Healthcare bill from its secret production. He has attempted to obtain support from both the conservatives and the moderates. The option for increased charges for pre-existing conditions is eliminated but the cuts to Medicaid are more severe,  although they would take 7 years to be fully implemented (long enough so that many of the Senators will no longer be running for office).

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Action Alert: Stop #TrumpCare Senate Call-in Day – June 14

This is a very important and time-sensitive alert. Thank you for taking action. Action Alert: Wednesday, June 14, is Stop #TrumpCare Senate Call-In Day to halt the Republican Healthcare bill, also known as TrumpCare or AHCA. Issue: The AHCA or

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Action Alert: Question the Senate Health Care Bill


Senator McConnell has been meeting weekly with the all male Senate committee on health care behind closed doors. There have been suggestions that the Senate bill will be consistent with 80% of the House American Health Care Act (ACHA), which would deprive 14 million people of health insurance by 2020 and 23 million people by 2026. It would still allow states to waive requirements for coverage of pre-existing medical conditions and for basic medical care.

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Meeting Minutes: Health Care Committee – May 31, 2017

Attendees: Chuck Bensonhaver, Barbara Burgess, Inger Fyfe, Mary Hill, Isabel Kottak, Jan McBride, Eileen and Gary Rice, Diane Widdus, and Pam Madaio, guest and chair of Women Health Committee Inger reviewed webinar from Center on Budget and Reconciliation which reviewed

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Meeting Minutes: Health Care Committee – May 1, 2017

Attendees: Chuck Bensonhaver, Steve Berque, Barbara Burgess, Jerry Cohen, Kevin Dunn, Inger Fyfe, Diane Widdus We discussed the recent change in the House healthcare bill the Upton-Long amendment. This leaves the problem that the states can restrict coverage for pre-existing

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